It’s time to christen my blog

Jan 11, 2014

In our house, my parents wanted us kids to have opinions, and we did. There was a lot of discussion around the dinner table, and both my parents seemed to love it when we debated a topic on the news and reached a consensus. Of course, the real world didn’t pay any mind to what we Varga children thought, but debating taught us to think, to reason, and to argue the merits of a point of view.

Friends often told me I was full of “hot air,” since I was not shy about expressing my opinions. But recently I learned something shocking. I went to my ENT doctor since I had chronic congestion and always sounded like my nose needed to be vacuumed. What he told me shocked me to my roots. The bone in my nose (read septum) was so deviated that one of my nostrils was essentially blocked. The doctor said I have been functioning on “half” my air for who knows how long. I never knew this. I had thought I was sucking in as much air as everyone else breathing around me.

Last month, I agreed to have surgery on my deviated septum. I am happy to report that I am no longer as congested as I used to be. I am now getting my full portion of air. The outcome of this repair has been a stimulation of my brain’s frontal lobe. I am reasoning more clearly than I have in a long time, and the obvious explanation is that I needed two nostrils inhaling air, not just one.

So, my friends, if you thought I was full of hot air before, just wait!