While I was stationed at the American Consulate General in Casablanca, Morocco, some students at the
Hassan II University decided to produce the first act of another play I had written, After Birth Stems the
Urge, about migrant farmworkers in the U.S.   

A three act play,
After Birth Stems the Urge centers on the birth of a baby in a migrant camp on the
Eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay; and how this birth affects the priest and the nurse sent to work
there, and changes the lives of the migrants.  One set, nine actors. The premiere featured: Aboutaib
Merieme (SJ), Mellouk Aziz (Louis), Keffaoui Brahim (Bobbie), Elouassi Hassan (Cestlavie), Lotfi Souad
(Lucie), El Falh Amina (Katie) Mouadafi Aissa (Osborn), Akhmiss Redouan (Ben), Guerouani Mohamed
(Matt).   Directed by Chakib Bnini.
In 1983, the Juniper Press at the University of Notre Dame published a play that I had
Payable Upon Return (ISBN#: 0911187-01-04). In 1985, the Acting Ensemble of
South Bend, Indiana staged the premiere of that play.

A two act play,
Payable Upon Return centers on the conflicted reactions of a group of
Americans when one returns from a stint in the Peace Corps in Africa with an African boy.
One set, five actors. The premiere featured: Perry Mincy, Jerry Berebitsky, Mary Kay
Blaschke, Chelle Walters and Dennis Mooney and directed by Jim Geisel.

In 1991, the New Works Theatre of Arlington, VA produced a one act play I had written, called Epiphany
in the Spud Room

This takes place in November 1979 in a school for training young men to be Jesuit priests and when the
Iranian hostage crisis erupts, the commitment to the religious life must be re-examined at an accelerated
pace.  One set, four actors. The premiere featured: Robert Sean Fri (Matthew), Al Calabrese (Mark),
Raymond Ficca (Luke), Steven Perry (John) and was Directed by Dennis Dulmage.
Acting Roles:

  • The Odd Couple - (Murray, the cop) - Lionheart Theatre,
    Norcross, GA (2013)
  • On Golden Pond - (Charlie, the Mailman) - The South
    Bend Civic Theatre, South Bend, IN - (1983)
  • The Good Doctor - (Chekhov, the writer) - The South
    Bend Civic Theatre, South Bend, IN - (1982)
  • Loose Ends - (Russell) - The South Bend Civic Theatre,
    South Bend, IN - (1982)
  • You Can't Take It With You - (Tony Kirby) in a
    Streetlight Theatre Production in South Bend, IN - (1982)
Michael Varga (left) and John Sterchi in You Can't Take
It With You, South Bend, Indiana (1982)