Michael Varga
Author + Playwright + Actor
For release: August 26, 2014
Local Award-Winning Author Pens Africa Book
Peace Corps Experience Comes Alive in New Release
Atlanta, GA (August 19, 2014) - Atlanta area resident, Michael Varga, has just released his first book of
fiction, “Under Chad’s Spell”.  It’s the story of Charlene Dugard, a 23-year-old woman from chilly
Minnesota who volunteers to go to Chad, Africa with the Peace Corps during the turbulent 1970s.  
Varga borrows from his own experiences as a Peace Corps volunteer in Chad during those chaotic

“Peace Corps service transforms you, no matter where you serve,” Varga said.  “To be 21 years old, in
the middle of Africa, is so thrilling.”  He said his time in Chad altered the direction his own life took,
ultimately leading to a career as an American diplomat in the Middle East.  

“Under Chad’s Spell” follows a group of Peace Corps volunteers, but narrows its focus to the very
differing experiences of Charlene and her lover, Madison.  One serves in a city, the other in the bush.  
Yet they’re both witnesses to the upheaval that rocks Chad in a civil war.

Charlene’s story is one of youth and ideals, hoping to ease the lives of Chadians.  She struggles with
the uncertainties of being a young American in Chad during a time when the government is under
attack by rebels.  When the civil war breaks out, the American ambassador orders all Americans to
evacuate.  As Americans load up a convoy of trucks to escape into a neighboring country, Charlene
has many decisions to make – including leaving behind the man she loves.

Varga, himself, was part of an emergency evacuation in Chad.  All of the volunteers were able to
escape the war, but Varga has never forgotten the drama surrounding his hasty exit from Chad.   

Varga’s book is available now for pre-orders on Amazon.com.  The book will be published August 26th,
and will be available in both Kindle and softcover paperback versions.  For more information about
Varga’s writing and other creative works, visit Varga’s website at www.michaelvarga.com.  Interview and
speaking engagement requests should be submitted in writing to


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